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Mat Pilates

Stretch + Strength

Gain flexibility and muscle strength as you stretch every muscle in your body with Active Isolated Stretching™ (AIS)

Strengthen your core (abdominal muscles), work on balance and tone your body in this fun Mat Pilates class.

Susan Hamilton

AIS and Pilates Instructor

Class Offerings

Helping people to be more flexible and stronger gives me joy and great satisfaction. Like a personal trainer, I coach students to do Active Isolated Stretching and Pilates to the best of their abilities. It’s encouraging to see them being able to stretch farther and develop their muscles, being elated at their progress.

Active adults, seniors and women of all ages enjoy Susan’s Stretch + Strength and Pilates classes because they offer effective exercise in a fun, social environment. The Stretch + Strength class stretches every muscle in the body, incorporating yoga poses and work with weights to improve flexibility and muscle strength. Susan’s Pilates class also incorporates yoga poses, focusing on the abdominals (core) and working the entire body to improve balance and posture.


Susan’s Stretch + Strength and Pilates classes promote wellness by:

  • increasing tissue elasticity

  • joint range of motion

  • muscle strength and flexibility


People who frequent Susan’s classes have experienced recovery from injuries (including frozen shoulder, neck stiffness and lower back pain), weight loss and stress relief as well as osteoporosis and arthritis prevention. Regular, moderate exercise should be part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle routine, with many doctors recommending at least two days of strength training and a stretching routine weekly.

Tucson Stretch & Pilates located in the eastside of Tucson at Civano offers a warm caring atmosphere where friends meet for classes. Our goal is to help each student increase strength and flexibility in order to restore balance and promote optimal health.


Dance Aerobics

New Class:

"Exercise & Socialize"

Serving Southeast Tucson, Rita Ranch & Vail

Basic Pilates 

My Basic Pilates class incorporates easy Pilates moves to strengthen the core. It is combined with the Stronger Knees & Balance class I offered last fall to strengthen the knees and legs and improve balance.


So many of you have told me that you want to strengthen your core but don’t think you’re ready for a full-blown Pilates class. I’ve tailored this new class for you. We’ll do some easy Pilates exercises that are modified for beginners but will still give you stronger abs. Your posture can also improve with Pilates. I’m combining this class with some balance work and focus on knees. These mild exercises will help you improve your balance—something we all need. And who doesn’t want to have stronger knees? The exercises in this class will strengthen your knees by focusing on your leg muscles. You can choose to use ankle weights or not in this portion of this class. My Basic Pilates class meets from 10:00-11:00 a.m. on Fridays.

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Basic Pilates

Work your large muscle groups to promote

cardio-respiratory fitness and burn calories

while having fun in dance aerobics class.