Are you looking for a refreshing workout in the water? My water aerobics classes are fun, effective cardio-respiratory workouts that are low impact and easy on knees, ankles and joints. You’ll get your heart rate up and use the resistance of the water to strengthen and condition your body. Higher energy exercises are interspersed with recovery moves.


We use props (pool noodles, plastic dinner plates and hand pool weights) in this hour-long class. You’ll need to bring a hat, towel and water to drink. Applying sunscreen before you come to the pool – at least on your upper body – will keep your skin from getting sun damage.


Water aerobics classes are given at the Civano North Pool Tuesday and Thursday mornings from May through October.


Please contact Susan (270-4440) to sign up for these specialty classes.

Water Aerobics

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Offered Seasonally:

Classes are in session May through October

Water Aerobics